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Today's good mood is brought to you by coffee sign from Caffeinated Cow
Zipping all over town to do home showings, meet contractors, and network sometimes leaves me with odd little pockets of time in my schedule. It’s how I discover such neat little local treasures across the city of Colorado Springs. On this particular day, I was in need of a jolt of caffeine and the Caffeinated Cow had been on my must-try list for far too long! After dropping off some Hope Design Ltd. packages at the post office on 8th Street, I popped by to check them out. 
Now, I walked in with the intention of ordering coffee. It was a reeeeeaaaally good intention. However, when I realized they had locally made ice cream and coffee, well, it was time to treat myself. In the name of research, right? 
I did the really tough job of sampling multiple ice creams to make sure I was ordering the best that Caffeinated Cow had to offer. Serenity was the bubbly young lady slinging scoops and she was more than happy to humor me! Wanting to avoid the classic flavors and try something fun and off the beaten path, we narrowed it down to a teddy graham ice cream and a graham cracker ice cream (have I mentioned yet how much I love s’mores?). It was a tough choice, too tough in fact. So, I did what every Coloradoan would do on a 30 degree and sunny day – I ordered both. I am sure I did something worth celebrating earlier that day, so I made the most of the opportunity. 
Regrets? I have none, as I also remembered to order my drip coffee. At checkout, I mentioned that we have a peanut allergy in the family and was curious if they could accommodate? Serenity surprised me and said the staff was willing to accommodate with sanitized utensils and a new tub of ice cream whenever we come back. 
I enjoyed sitting in the store and watching the ebb and flow of business while enjoying my ice cream and coffee. The store would be quiet one moment, then bursting with customers, and peaceful again. It was such a quaint little place with quirky cow decor. I found myself pondering how lucky I am to find myself in such a lovely little place with a smidge of extra time in my schedule. I hope you find yourself in this exact situation soon!



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