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I love coffee. Perhaps you could say I have a minor obsession with good coffee. My friends can’t get over the fact that I have my favorite coffee delivered from Guatemala. So it is probably safe to say, I have high standards when it comes to grabbing a cup of coffee from a coffeehouse. I was excited to find Loyal Coffee here in Colorado Springs. I have been here many times. The quality coffee, pastries, and service are top-notch.

Loyal Coffee is a barista-owned and operated coffee company roasting and brewing coffee in Colorado Springs. Before you enjoy a cup of coffee in one of their two locations, it’s roasted at the Loyal Coffee Clubhouse located inside the Ivywild School on the south side of downtown Colorado Springs. You are truly supporting a local small business by enjoying your morning (or afternoon) caffeine infusion at Loyal Coffee. 


Anyone could make good coffee. Many do. However, the service is what puts Loyal at the top of my list. Mick and the staff are very attentive. On my recent visit,  I dropped my espresso spoon on the way to my table. Before I had the chance to set my drink down and return to pick up the spoon, the staff had already noticed and they were in the process of bringing me a new spoon. I have received this kind of attentive service every time I visit.

Not only does Loyal Coffee have really good coffee, but its pastries are also always fresh and baked locally at another favorite of mine, the French Kitchen. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the French Kitchen on the Northside of Colorado Springs, Loyal Coffee is appreciated by all on the Southside.

Loyal Coffee has a strong following of remote workers that enjoy the space, so sometimes tables are hard to come by. Knowing this, I plan ahead and show up 15 minutes before meeting a client to ensure that I can snag us a table in time. As soon as a guest leaves the table, the staff is prompt, clearing and cleaning the table for the next guest to enjoy. The aesthetic at Loyal Coffee is warm, clean, and inviting, and it just has a fantastic vibe. Often you can find me meeting with clients over a cup of coffee at Loyal, and if you see me come over and say hi. I will be more than happy to recommend my favorite coffee and pastry combination. 

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