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Parry's Pizza

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Dessert at Perry's Pizza

We have passed by Parry’s Pizza on Nevada, just south of Downtown, for far too long. Pizza and wings are a family favorite, so it has been a restaurant we have wanted to try for a long time.
When you walk in, you wait in line to order at the front counter. The wall on the left has paintings of local brewery logos, indicating the good times also available for purchase at the bar, which runs the length of the right side of the restaurant. Favorites like Red Leg Brewing Co. and 5 Star Brewery are indicators of how Parry’s likes to support military service.

We ordered 2 pizzas for our family of 4, along with 10 wings, a beer, and a few sodas. The bill came in under $40, which felt pretty reasonable, given that you can’t go to most quick service or drive-through restaurants anymore for less than $10 per person. We took our number to the table to anxiously await our order.

There are several TVs around the restaurant, broadcasting live sports games and what appeared to be an ‘extreme challenge sport’ YouTube channel. I guess I am old if I have to label it that way, but my kids were entertained, so that was a win. We played a quick game of I spy, and then our pizzas were delivered – hot, fresh, melty goodness!

Pizzas are a tough food to discuss in an unbiased fashion. Much like local sports teams, it’s all about what you grew up with, what you consider your standard, and how open you are to considering that there are other pizzas out there that are prepared just as good as, if not better than, your favorite. With that in mind, I will tread lightly.

Parry’s has a lovely generic pizza. The crust is relatively thin, reminiscent of the pizza we ate in New York. However, at a much smaller diameter, the slices are petite in comparison. You could eat easily 2-3 slices for every one legit New York slice. The flavors were thoughtful, the crust was chewy with a hint of crisp on the bottom from the oven, but it did not have a unique, artisan feel. Something about the restaurant felt very corporate – maybe it was the cleanliness, the overall lack of local personality. We were perfectly satisfied with our meal and would eat at Parry’s again, but I can’t say I would recommend it to someone visiting town that wants to experience a quintessential Colorado restaurant.

The kids were exceptionally well behaved at dinner, so we treated the family to dessert. Worth noting, that with a peanut allergy in the family, Parry’s can absolutely accommodate. They have a fried dough dessert with a choice of chocolate or caramel sauce to dip. We tried both and there were sticky thumbs up all around in favor.

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