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Rosie's Diner Taco Salad and Dressing

I love my friends. If you know me and you know my heart, you know this is the foundation of my world.

I am proud to say that today, I made a new friend! Thanks to the amazing military network, a Texas friend from 2010 (Hi Lisa Jack!) introduced me to a friend (Hi Angelia Jackson!) that she knew from their time in Hawaii, who just moved to Colorado Springs! If you are keeping score, I swear that military spouses are better connected than Kevin Bacon. To make things even cooler, Angelia is a mortgage lender, now licensed in Colorado! To say that we had a wonderful time connecting over lunch is an understatement.

We met at a fabulous location – Rosie’s Diner in Monument. For those that aren’t familiar, Monument is located on the Northside of Colorado Springs and the US Air Force Academy.

Rosie’s is kitschy and everything I would want in a nostalgic 1950s diner experience! From the jukebox to the dine-in counter, it was really neat to learn that we have this throwback in our city!

I tried the taco salad (have you noticed I have a thing for tacos? It will be a reoccurring theme of this blog) and it was perfectly prepared. The chicken was very tender and moist, the fried shell was crispy and perfect on the mound of creamy refried beans! Angelia and I reminisced over our past military experiences and divulged hopes for our real estate futures, all while waitresses be-bopped past our table at full speed, always making sure we were taken care of.

As you can see from our faces in the pictures below, Rosie’s was a delightful experience! If you want to break out the poodle skirt or leather jacket, you will fit right in. If you are looking for an expansive menu to satisfy all diners’ tastes, Rosie’s has you covered too.

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