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Allow me to introduce you to Suzie Helm of Land Title, closing extraordinaire! Remember how I mentioned that military spouses are better connected than Kevin Bacon? I met Suzie waaaaay back in 2010-2012 while we were stationed together at Fort Hood, Texas. Yes, I will start regularly using the phrase ‘back in my day’….Fast forward to when I started working at Keller Williams Freedom in Colorado Springs in 2021. I went to attend a class and guess who I see?! Suzie!! How the world works in funny ways! I am so glad that we reconnected, as we have both decided to retire here in Colorado Springs. Suzie has been a huge help for my real estate business, helping me find my footing in this new industry.

We decided to start doing lunches together. First it was White Pie for pizza, and then we had the chance to go to Shuga’s. I told Suzie about my restaurant mission – to try any and all small/local/independently owned restaurants and coffee shops in Colorado Springs. Obviously, she was down to be my ‘accountabili-buddy’ on this most important of missions.

So Shuga’s… it was a snow day for my kids, but I refused to be held back from the mission. The sun started shining in Colorado Springs and melting away the powder, so I forged on and made my way to downtown for our lunch date. It was chilly, hence the beautiful curtain hanging over the interior entrance of Shuga’s. It was a brilliant idea, to keep all the guests inside warm and cozy. That was definitely the theme for the day, as Suzie and I both ordered Thai Coconut Soup, hers with chicken, mine with shrimp. I also had a chai tea latte, as it was just darn cold and I wanted to be all snuggled in. The heat was delightfully turned up in the restaurant, which was welcome on the single-digit temperature day. The food and company were both delightful. 

globally inspired eats alongside creative cocktails and coffee

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702 S Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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