Lauren Hope Collective

What's in a Name?
A lot apparently...

By: Lauren Hope

Hope is a last name that comes with pressure. Weird, right?


I have had people put this expectation on me that I am to give them hope, all because of my name. It was an odd thing to get accustomed to, but as an eternally optimistic person, I would like to think that I have risen to the occasion.


An out-of-state client has chosen to trust me with selling their property. When he first called me, I asked a standard question “Who do I have the privilege of thanking for your referral?” His answer was short – my last name. He was at a point in life where he needed hope, and he chose me as his answer.


It is a privilege to be the helping hands in Colorado Springs when travel here simply isn’t possible. I work very hard to bring integrity to a business that is known for less than savory salesmanship.


That said, his compliment this morning meant the world to me.
“I have dealt with Realtors at least a dozen times since 1972 and hit jackpot this time.” – Dave D.

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