Lauren Hope Collective

I’m an entrepreneur, artisan, realtor, chef, advocate, Army wife, and mom. I hustle hard and enjoy it. I love warm chocolate chip cookies and good whiskey, but what I love most of all is helping my clients whether they are navigating a difficult real estate market, embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey, or designing a special heirloom piece of jewelry. People are my passion. 

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Deployments are tough, but you don’t have to do it alone. Join me and other seasoned military spouses & lifestyle experts as we share short, actionable advice about everything from long-distance relationships to managing the stress of a deployment.  Each presentation is 5-15 minutes and can be watched any time you’re available! Be sure to register for free below. 


I will be sharing a presentation on creating meals during a deployment, and sharing some time saving tips that hopefully help save your sanity. 

Join me for all the information, resources, and fun at the Pillar Retreat!


I have been honored to speak at several events both locally and nationally focusing on small business creation, military entrepreneurship, and my personal journey and advocacy.


If you are looking for quality content that educates and engages your audience there are lots of ways to work together.