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Keller Williams Family Reunion

My reflections on my first time at Keller Williams Family Reunion. 

Keller Williams Realtor Lauren Hope at KW Family Reunion 2022

Keller Williams Family Reunion 2022

Why on earth am I at Keller Williams’ biggest event of the year Family Reunion? Lauren, you are a newer agent and this event is for the mega-agent, powerhouse teams, right?
Well yes, but also no. In true ‘go big or go home fashion’, I might be crazy to start traveling for real estate this early in my career, but you know what? I am already crazy, so I may as well go big and have fun with it! Seriously!

As an extreme extrovert that was locked down during Covid, I am back in my happy place. I LOVE meeting people! It feeds my soul. Striking up a conversation with a complete stranger brings me joy, I am so in my element! If I may be so bold – I am rocking it too. I am here in Orlando meeting other Keller William agents from across the country and the world. I am building my network and learning tips from the masters to bring back to my business.

Confession: I am struggling to slow down and walk before I run in this career.
That garners attention. I have run businesses before, scaling them sustainably over time. I didn’t know that my itty-bitty jewelry business turned big deal company would prepare me for owning my own real estate business. To be honest, I always thought crafting after the kiddos went to bed would be a temporary means to an end. I never envisioned it being a massive stepping stone to the unknown of what’s next. I am so glad that Hope Design prepared me for the craziness that is real estate!

One all too common regret I hear from recently retired veterans and their families is that they wish they prepared for life after the military while still actively serving. Military service is grueling for all family members and the overwhelming desire to complete the service commitment overshadows the need to proactively plan ahead for afterward. Sure, veterans do earn some form of retirement pay, but that can take months to kick in. VA medical services too – they take a while to turn on and get into the system.
So, I am working to shape my family’s world so that we are already settled when my soldier retires from his military service.

I am already crazy-passionate about helping military families. I am willing to do whatever it takes to better myself and my business that supports them. That is why I am at KW’s Family Reunion. Taking classes, learning big processes and tiny tips from those that have mastered their craft, and getting on industry experts’ radar are feeding my soul in an incredibly fulfilling way!

I am meeting new people, interviewing agents all over the country, and building my network. Did you know a service I offer is connecting you with an agent in any town you are moving? I didn’t know it at the time, but I have been building a tight-knit referral network for years! Beyond real estate agents, I have true friends all over the country that would always answer my call and help out a friend. I am guessing if you are reading my thoughts to this point, you are probably in that tight-knit circle. If you aren’t and want to be, introduce yourself through the link below, because I sure as ever want to meet you too! Need help with an upcoming move? Let me connect you with a battle buddy and bestie.

I swear that military spouses are better connected than the mafia (and a lot more ethical). Let me prove it.

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